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February 6th 2013 Meeting


the-smoking-gun-2012.jpgProject Pitch: RFID Scan/Spoof/Copier

Mr. 9X, will be presenting his proposal for a group project involving a build for a RFID combo spoofer/scanner/copier device.

The DIY Smoking Gun build findings and foibles - David Johnson

At the January DC401 meeting we discussed Gourmet Cooking Technology. A company by the name of PolyScience has pretty much cornered the market with their Anti-Griddle's and Sous Vide water ovens which over the past 5 years have made their way into kitchens everywhere. But for the average person, most of these are far to expensive to justify. 
So with a little know-how I've started building my own "The Smoking Gun" handheld smoker which normally retails from PolyScience for $99. Current total cost of this project build is about $15.

TL;DR: Are you a Gourmet Chef/Hacker? Do you like good food?
Well I'm going to show you this build and we're going to talk about improvements that can be made. The piece of equipment made by PolyScience is far from ideal so there's plenty of room for design modifications. Frankly, it's almost as if they forgot people were going to have to use it... but no matter!

I'll show you the improvements I'll be making to the project and invite all your input.

GitLab - Conrad Constantine and Lou Grossi

We'll go over the usage of the GitLab for DC401 and credentials and so on. 

Leap Motion - Group

We'll break out the Leap Motion controller for everyone to play with an demo the latest things we've learned along with the SDK. These will be available for purchase soon at BestBuy in a few months. Also ASUS is putting them in their laptops in 2014 for ultimate functionality.


Wednesday February 6th at 6:30pm
AS220 FabLab
Entrance in REAR of 131 Washington Street PROVIDENCE RI
Call 401-267-TANK (8265)
 if you get lost or need to be let in.
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