February 1st Meeting


Ladies and Gents it's almost February in the new year and I hope you're excited for the rest of 2012.

Tonights Talk:
"Building a Language Palace of Our Own"
by: CP Constantine

Abstract: Over the past decade we've watched the world of Modern Infosec rush to cobble itself together from the liturgy of its ancestral disciplines. But somewhere along the line we forgot that we were only borrowing terminology and concepts from other fields as a temporary measure; and stopped trying to build a lexicon that could be applied objectively and measured universally. Today's infosec teeters on an epistemological  Tower of Babel, where we try to make equations from natural language, squeeze measurable workflows out of systems designed for tech support, not incident response, scratch our heads trying to find the APT in the Bar Graph output of our SIEM's and most unforgivable of all, insist on forcing the word 'trust' into being considered a unit of measurement. So if you've ever tried to explain the different between a vulnerability and an exposure, facepalmed over being asked for a pie chart of your security risks, or envied your friends in real engineering fields, where the rules are defined by laws of physics, not marketing hyperbole, this may just be the talk for you.


Part of tomorrows meeting I'd like to set aside to bring everyone up to date on what's been happening with the following topics discussed at last meeting:
-QuahogCon: I'd like to bring everyone up to date with what's been happening behind the scenes.
-Classes: we discussed this subject heavily last meeting. Now that we've had some time to think about it, let's bring it back to the table and give it a good run.
-Lab Server: I brought the servers donated by Chris D. (THANKS CHRIS!) over to AS220 and we'll be setting them up soon. The concensus was to set them up as a virtual system that allows us to do testing of our own projects in a safe environment. The question is; what should the architecture be?

Anyone with personal projects is highly encouraged to take a moment to talk about them. Let's hear what you're up to, let's discuss.

Wednesday February 1st at 6:30pm
AS220 FabLab
Entrance in REAR of 131 Washington Street PROVIDENCE RI
Call 401-267-TANK (8265)
if you get lost or need to be let in.

-Dave       -Agent5-