March 6th meeting - RFID Project + Continuous Integration on Roids


This weeks presentations:

Project Pitch (take 2): RFID Scan/Spoof/Copier
Mr. 9X, will be presenting his proposal for a group project involving a build for a RFID combo spoofer/scanner/copier device.
"Developer to Deployment: The Wonders of Continuous Integration"
Lou Grossi will be giving a very valuable and informative talk on CI practical application along with a great demo. Lou combines his intellect and creative skill to bring you a method and toolset that could change the way you work. Prepare to be amazed.
BYOB at always.
"With great power comes great responsibility." - Batman
Wednesday March 6th at 6:30pm
AS220 FabLab
Entrance in REAR of 131 Washington Street PROVIDENCE RI
Call 401-267-TANK (8265) if you get lost or need to be let in.
-Dave       -Agent5-